I want to thank the ladies of the Saturday morning writing class who shared their rough attempts at memoir today. We have more in common that we’d expected, and our responses to each other’s revelations were warm, supportive and sincere.

None of us had tried something so personal before this week, and I’m not sure what we expected to discover. Nonetheless, we gave of our selves to each other, and in so doing we took the parts we needed to hear or which resonated with us.

We were so elated at (or intrigued by) the results of the day that we have agreed to continue meeting every other week to expand our writing efforts. I think we can build on the basic outlines we produced this week, while learning from each other what works, what draws out the tears and laughter, where we might grow from constructive criticism, and perhaps find a common destination. At least we can help each other along the way.


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