It seems many of the blogs to which I’ve subscribed are focused on meditation in its many forms. Usually inspired or reflective of nature, they invite one to slow down, to think less and feel more, or to invite silence into one’s life. Others are about discovery: the feel of fresh dough in one’s hands, the smell of newly dug earth, the full moon or the bits of fog lingering over the ground.

I rarely find myself in a state of calmness that in any way resembles meditation. I am constantly hearing sounds around me, looking at “stuff” but not seeing the actual details or hearing the meaning behind the noise. Yet this doesn’t evoke any sense that I’m overwhelmed or suffering sensory overload – more as if I have forgotten how to be “aware.”

Tonight when I got out of the car, I looked up. Immediately I recognized Orion’s belt, and looked around for other familiar constellations. But my arms were full of heavy bags, and quickly the glance at the sky was forgotten and I was inside the door and heading for the kitchen.

I wish now I’d gotten back in the car and driven to some country field where I could just look at the sky and find Cassiopeia, the Big Dipper, the Pleiades...

But instead, I visit my blogging “friends” and envy their ability to transform the skills and gifts of observation into delicate yet forceful words.


03/16/2012 06:14

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and it is good to find yours! I do agree entirely about looking at the stars and living as we do with very little light pollution when it is dark you can see so much. Glad to hear you want to come to Wales - we have a holiday cottage (link on my blog) so put us on your itinerary when you finally make it!

02/02/2017 01:17

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Ingrid Gonzalez-McCurdy
01/27/2013 18:31

I enjoyed your reflective post, and find, more and more that I'm multi-tasking and not paying attention to the ONE or more tasks I'm doing. Tonight, for example, with phone in hand, I loaded groceries at my local Topps store. Once home, I unloaded groceries, while microwaving dinner, re-trying my phone call, then wishing my husband bon-voyage for a meeting. I was supposed to attend that meeting also. It started 29 minutes ago, and I'm still in my kitchen. I'm glad you remembered to look at the sky ... fleeting as it was. Ingrid

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Others are about discovery: the feel of fresh dough in one’s hands, the smell of newly dug earth, the full moon or the bits of fog lingering over the ground.


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